This page will feature posts linking to resources Sandra may have come across that she believes may be useful to schools and educators. Below is a link to the Food Literacy Model, and also a link to the page that features how the Food Literacy Model can be applied in schools.

Food Literacy Model in Schools

Following the Food Literacy Model, the Food Literacy Measure for Upper Primary and Junior Secondary Students provides a sample of activities targeting upper primary and junior secondary school students aged between nine and fourteen years of age.
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Food Literacy versus Food Skills- what is the sameness? - Not sure about the new term 'food literacy' - how is this emerging term used and what does it mean to Home Economics teachers?
Basic Food Skills-Lesson 1 - Basic Food Safety and Hygiene Skills
Let’s Go Mexican - Lessons; Food Education; Vegetarian meals; Mexican food; Tasty and Healthy Fast Food
Use of evidence-based food literacy models for senior food education - Food literacy models, evidence for evaluating food education programs
Sixty Minute Lessons - Sixty minute Food lessons, Home Economics, Food curriculum resources, Speedy food lessons, Top tips for Food teachers
Minimise Food Waste: Learning Activities 7-12 - Minimise Food Waste: these learning activities show you how
VCE Food Studies (Units 1 -4) Resources mapped with the Food Literacy Model - Why do we need to have an evidence-based model to plan our skill-based programs? All programs purporting to improve health behaviours require a rationale based on evidence An evidence-based model substantiates and guides program design Identifies outcomes and helps with program evaluation Models help to create a learning environment that allows teachers to cultivate an […]
Mindful Eating - MIndful eating- an exercise in positive psychology in schools
New Tertiary course in Food Studies at William Angliss - New undergraduate course in Food Studies at William Angliss is an Australian first.
VCE Food Studies course- a modern and contemporary course for senior students - The new VCE Food Studies for Victorian senior secondary school students promises to have wide-spread appeal to a broad range of students