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Hot off the press

Fordyce-Voorham, S (2015) Preliminary findings of a food literacy program evaluation using a food literacy model Journal of the Home Economics Institute of Australia Vol 22 No 3 pp. 2-12 Contact to access this article

A Report on Cooking Skills Interventions in the time of COVID-19 (7/12/2020) - Cooking Skills interventions reported in the time of COVID-19
Cultivating Cooking Skills in the time of COVID 19 (7/12/2020) - Cultivating Cooking Skills
Researchers endorse food skills (6/18/2019) - Time poor home economics teachers have their important work supported with evidence-based research.
Predictors of the perceived importance of food skills (4/6/2016) - Find out the food skills considered important to teach by home economics teachers
Food Skills Research (10/8/2015) - An article that I found useful.