Food safety and hygiene skills are the number one priority to teach young people based on my research of home economics teachers.  So what better way to teach these ‘hands-on’ skills than students to ‘learn on the go’ in the construction of a simple food task?

In their first lesson, my Year 7 students covered the following food skills and food literacy knowledge

  • getting ready to cook – washing and drying their hands
  • seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • knife skills, including how to prepare simple garnishes to decorate their fruity skewers and fruit parfaits.
  • ‘clean as you go’ – keeping work spaces clean and tidy, using a scrap bowl to collect fruit peelings, pips and off-cuts to feed our compost bin and,
  • cleaning up – rinsing, stacking dishes, washing, drying up and storing away.


Students preparing their fruity skewers

Click on here to access the recipe Lesson 1 The Table on the last page displays all the knowledge and skills covered in this lesson.

The associated Assessment Task requires students to create a poster using a Graphics tool  such as Canva and include three safety and hygiene tips and two original images (taken with their camera phone during the lesson) demonstrating the tips.  This task reinforces the skills and knowledge covered in their practical lesson and requires students to demonstrate their ability to condense and present information clearly.  Email me if you would like more information about the Assessment Task and Rubric.