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Allow 2 pieces of fruit per person. Tip: share fruit with a friend to ensure variety.

  1. Prepare yourself for service – wash hands, tie hair back and wear an apron.
  2. Wash and dry fruit

Tip: preserve nutrients and retain peel, if appropriate.

  1. Use appropriate colour-coded chopping board (if available) to chop fruit into even bite-sized pieces (approximately 2cm2).

Tip: for fruit likely to discolour (bananas, apples, pears), sprinkle with a little lemon juice.

  1. Discard peel and place in compost bin.
  2. Assemble fruit pieces onto wooden skewer or serve in a bowl with yoghurt.
  3. Present attractively on a plate. Garnish with fruit.

Tip: strawberry fan, Vandyke kiwi, thin orange slice, sprig mint.